There is only the fine thread of wearability that separates jewellery from sculpture and art; one made to adorn the body and one made to adorn the space.

Bacht Vienna / Curated by AA COLLECTED Berlin / Opening reception July 18th / 6-9pm



The designs you see in the Neon Zinn SHOP and COLLECTION are explorations in rope as adornment, everyday armor, personal statement, and soft wearable sculpture. When you make your selection imagine me sitting at this table and outside with my dye pots putting your necklace together with intention and care.


This is the definition of made-to-order and it gives me the room to create an item specifically for the individual customer while reducing wasteful fast-fashion practices and dreaming up new forms that are personal and artistic not just trendy.


If you need help making a decision, just reach out. I am here to help with color choices, sizing, style dilemmas, gift ideas, cleaning and care suggestions.